Our Green Vision

The vision started with the company founder’s retirement and move to sunnier climes.

“I now live in a modest home which is solar powered and have not a penny of electric bills; not only did it affect my pocket but also my mind.

During some ‘blue-sky’ thinking, I reflected on the fact that Newton spends millions per annum on our customers’ communal electric costs and I simply thought, can we not do something to get this reduced and why don’t we look at other ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environmental ideals?

I think we can….and we will!”

Stephen O’Neill (Founder & Chairman)

Our Green Vision – for people, for the planet, not for profit

Newton are putting our own money into breaking the deadlock in our customers’ developments, which can often delay or prevent the installation of car charging facilities.


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One of our major ambitions is to eliminate the need for production and distribution of paper correspondence to our customers.  We currently put dozens of vans onto the roads, doing thousands of unnecessary miles.  Our customers can help us eliminate our unnecessary carbon footprint by switching to e-communication – free of charge.


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Charlene learns to plant trees!  We have ambitious plans to help our customers utilise free or unloved areas of grounds in their developments to plant trees and accumulatively create large carbon stores which will see the new trees soak up large amounts of CO2.


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We have helped an owners’ association transform the look and feel of their property and also transform their electricity bills!  The Herald Building on Albion Street in Glasgow was converted approximately 15 years ago, it has 149 flats, the building now looks amazing and property prices have risen.


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Electric car ownership can be a scary prospect, but once you understand the technology and experience the drive, there really is no turning back.  Electric cars are fast, comfortable, very cheap to run, and with new models increased ranges, range anxiety really is a thing of the past!


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One of our ‘achievable’ objectives from our 2020 Green Vision campaign is to move as many of our customers electricity supplies as possible to energy providers who guarantee electricity from renewable sources.


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A huge ‘thank you’ to all of our customers who have signed up to receive their correspondence by email!

Through your positive reaction to our campaign, we have been able to take 10 families out of fuel poverty for a year.

Again, a huge thank you to our customers from all at Newton!


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Preparing your home for sale could mean thinking about more than just the decor and the garden.

You could really add to your ‘kerb appeal’ by fitting a fast EV charger, so the new owner is ready to go…

One day, very soon, these car chargers will be as common place as double glazing or broadband.  Would you buy a house without either of these?


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Smart properties will reduce the need to build new power stations.  The UK already produces more power than it needs.  It’s just that it doesn’t know what the exact demand will be at any one time.

Newton are working in strategic partnership to help solve this serious issue.


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Daisy chaining electric cars from common plug sockets is dangerous and can cause neighbour disputes.

Newton are calling on the government to legislate to make installing charging points in communal car parks as easy as installing a door entry system


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Some of us worry about taking longer journeys in an electric car.  Will it get me there?  How long will it take?

Well, worry no more, Scotland has a growing and free! public charging network which can be used by anyone on a long trip.

Fish n chips in Ullapool anyone?!


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Our EV charging points are giving residents a real choice of how they want to power their cars.

EV charging points can be used for fully electric cars, or plugin hybrids.

A typical charge on a fully electric car, such as a Nissan Leaf+ with a range of 226 miles, can cost as little as £10!


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Planning guidelines for listed properties can make erecting solar panels problematic.

Solar panel technology is evolving, and design solutions may appear over the next few years.

Maybe though, we need to rethink our priorities with solar panels… beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


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Electric car charging technology is evolving, and Newton will be exploring new products as they meet the market.

We never believe that there isn’t an appropriate solution to a problem.

Make sure and subscribe to the ‘Fully Charged’ YouTube channel to check out what’s new in the EV market.


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Moving as a country towards net zero emissions will be a nationwide effort.  This will require some forward thinking in the way that we plan for upgrading our buildings and how decisions amongst owners are arrived at.

The big question is, can we make the decision making process much more straightforward, whilst still protecting the interests of the minority of the owners?

We are now running short on time on this, so let’s all get our thinking caps on!


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Batteries going to landfill is a major problem.

We can all do our part to help harvest batteries for recycling.

Click on article to see what Newton are doing to address this.


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The government has provided funding for hundreds of free to use public EV chargers.  Sometimes, owners of non-electric cars park in these dedicated bays, rendering the charger useless.  The government and local authorities need to have the means to deal with this situation to discourage it.


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Our customers in Airdrie aren’t taking climate change lying down.  They are fighting back with an impressive and ambitious tree planting scheme.

800 trees will be planted.  With the generous support of the Woodland Trust, and a bursary from Newton, the cost per owner is only £1!


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2020 is off to a bang!

We’re out of the starting blocks and working away with groups of customers on new, innovative schemes to help improve the carbon footprint of their property.

COP26 is coming to Scotland in November of this year.  This is likely to be one of the largest conferences ever held in the UK, and the stakes could not be higher.

If you would like any advice with improving the carbon footprint of your property, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to help!


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