Does your tenement need a little TLC?

Aberdeen can be said to be defined by the wonderful granite tenements that comprise many of our residential streets. Typically constructed in late nineteenth/early twentieth century, these buildings are full of character and charm. Sadly many tenements are now suffering from years of neglect to the point that they require urgent attention to ensure that they remain wind and watertight and suitable for habitation.

Newton Property Management have been working in Aberdeen since our merger with Watt & Co Property Management and we are proud to offer a management service tailored towards maintaining and repairing these magnificent buildings.


Typical Issues

Most distressed tenements we visit are suffering as a result of neglect and missed maintenance visits. In a market with a high proportion of rental properties, it is perhaps inevitable that owners will not be able to ‘chap on their neighbours’ door’ to discuss maintenance and collect funds towards any major repair.

As professional Property Managers with years of experience Aberdeen managing tenements, Newton are working hard to assist owners return their buildings to their former glory.


Roof Vegetation
Cement Work
Lack of
Water Ingress

How can we help?

Free Advice

We have accumulated a wealth of experience and are acutely aware of the intricacies of tenement construction, appropriate maintenance techniques and how best to work with your fellow owners.

We are always pleased to provide free impartial advice and positively encourage interested (or curious!) tenement owners to contact us for a no obligation chat.


From corresponding with owners to instructing and monitoring contractors, we take the hassle out of the tenement management process.

Regular, documented site visits combined with an eagerness to engage with owners (it’s their building after all) mean we are excellently placed to deliver real, tangible improvements to the blocks we manage.


Our customers receive quarterly or bi-annual, itemised statements which allow them to assess exactly what we have achieved at their development.

We use independent contractors and their invoices are available for any owner’s inspection at our offices.

Our management fees are itemised on the statements too so owners know exactly what we earn from their site.

Next Steps

If you feel that your tenement is in need of attention, your first course of action should be to contact your fellow owners. If all owners are in agreement to carry out a selected maintenance task, and are willing to pay their share, then a Factor may not be required.

For some owners, the risk in instructing works without guarantee of payment from their fellow proprietors is not acceptable and, by appointing Newton, this risk is negated. If appointed as Factors, we would instruct the contractor and then collect each owners’ share.

Once contact with Newton has been made, one of our professional property managers will visit your development and prepare a short report detailing their observations at your tenement, together with a summary of how we could assist. This will be distributed to all owners, along with our quotation for ongoing management. If a simple majority of owners agree to our appointment, we will commence our factoring of the block. In the unlikely event that owners wish to cancel the factoring service, this can also be achieved via a simple majority decision.

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