Taking the faff out of property factoring

We know that keeping a property safe, legal and ensuring it stays a pleasant place to live is far from easy. In fact, upkeep of a property can take weeks and weeks per year for homeowners or owners’ associations! Do you know the true cost of managing your property on your own?

With Newton Property Management, you’re no longer on your own. We live and breathe property management, bringing our people-first approach to customers all over Scotland. From pro-active regulation compliance and efficient repair work, to open, honest invoicing, we deliver a different factoring experience. A better one.



Housing Developments

Communal gardens, woodlands, even playparks – residential sites made up of houses need just as much TLC as flatted blocks.

Newton’s extensive experience in factoring housing complexes means you’re in safe hands, whatever your property.

Modern Flats

Modern flatted factoring is our bread and butter.

We can take of everything from communal lighting to gardens and playparks, and all the management in between. Your home is in good hands with us.

Granite Tenements

Aberdeen’s granite tenements are part of the Silver City’s charm. But they’re not without their challenges.

Our dedicated Aberdeen team are experts in granite tenement factoring, and they’ll be on hand when you need them.

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Do you need factoring services?

When you buy a home in a communal development, you buy responsibilities. Adhering to title deeds, organising roof repairs, fixing door entry systems, getting together sinking funds and organising insurance all take time and energy.

And sometimes you might be unlucky enough to be lumbered with a factor that’s not up to the job. Factors that delay repairs or leave homeowners to fend for themselves take their toll on everyone.

It’s less stressful when you engage with experienced factors who work side by side with owners.

Newton's factoring services

  • 24-hour repairs
  • Maintenance funds
  • Communal lighting
  • Buildings insurance
  • Gardens & playparks
  • Property visits
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Life systems
  • Communal cleaning
  • Concierge & security
  • & all other common services

Our values are your values

We know your home is the most important thing you’ll ever buy. That’s why we treat every appointment with the utmost seriousness and respect.

Every development we manage, big or small, is assigned its own property manager. Using their years of industry experience, your property manager gains in-depth knowledge of your development and his or her customers over the duration of our appointment. We’re out meeting customers and contractors every day, working with real people to solve real problems.


Transparency is pre-wired into our make-up. That’s why we send out itemised invoices showing exactly how client funds are used. You can be sure we never mark-up invoices with hidden fees.

We also operate a strict policy of holding no shared interests with our contractors, and don’t own any aspect of any contracting firms.

All of this means that we can always ensure best value for our clients, as well as peace of mind.


Too often we hear from owners who can’t reach their factor over the phone, wait too long for a response to an email or simply aren’t consulted on issues that affect their property.

At Newton, we work differently. We guarantee a prompt response whenever you get in touch, and work to keep owners fully up-to-date with what’s happening at your property.

It’s your home, after all.

Customer Focus

We treat homeowners like people, not numbers.

A dedicated property factor for your home, regular on-site visits and pro-active repair management mean that we’re always on hand to solve problems, or just give some friendly advice.

We manage property, we care about people.

Having trouble reading your factoring invoice?

Transparency is at the heart of what we do here at Newton Property Management. But sometimes it can feel like invoices and payment information are designed to be confusing!

That’s why we provide this example invoice with helpful tips on how to read it. And if you’ve got any questions about your billing, get in touch – you’ll always find a familiar face in our office.

We replaced our previous factor with Newton Property Management Ltd in 2009. The service received has never disappointed. Our development is consistently maintained to a very high standard both internally and externally. Newton staff are professional and courteous, repairs are instructed promptly and efficiently, and all maintenance work is carried out by reputable and experienced contractors. If anyone is looking to change factor or let out a property, as a family we would highly recommend Newton Property Management Ltd.
Janet Tosh & Family, Crow Road, Glasgow

No. The cost we are billed for is the cost we pass on to the owners, itemised and displayed on your quarterly statement.

The float allows us to pay contractors etc. in a timely fashion, without having to continually request funds from owners. Since we only invoice quarterly or six-monthly, the float allows the development to settle its invoices more regularly.

As part of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, we’re required by law to protect the interests of all owners by adhering to a strict Debt Recovery Policy – you can request copies at any time. In many Deeds of Conditions, there is a facility to pass on unpaid debts to the other owners once all legal avenues have been explored.

We are usually appointed by the Property Developer who completed your development, or by a properly constituted Owners Meeting. The Deed of Conditions will provide guidance on this subject. In circumstances where the Deeds don’t cover this, the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 may apply and requires a ‘scheme decision’ to be made.

As part of our appointment, a level of Delegated Authority is passed to Newton to allow us to perform our role. Guidance and feedback from owners are always welcome.

Individual liabilities will be as per the Deeds, Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 or similar. You can request a copy of the applicable document from your local Newton office.

Yes. Owners are welcome to attend our offices by appointment to inspect contractor’s invoices.

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied, Newton, in keeping with the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, has a clearly defined complaints procedure which is available on request.

Yes. We recognise that our efficiency as a Factor is often judged solely on the performance of cleaners and grounds contractors etc. While we do issue set specifications and visit the site regularly, we rely on owners to engage with us and raise any concerns with us directly. If a contractor is underperforming and does not improve, they will be replaced. All contractors working on Newton sites are strictly independent.

In conjunction with the Deed of Conditions for your property, our Written Statement of Services forms the basis of our contract with your development. A copy of our Written Statement is sent to all owners at contract commencement and copies are available upon request.

Newton does not operate on a fixed term contract and the arrangement continues until either party gives notice, subject to the requirements of the Deed of Conditions (which may include a fixed term for the Initial Manager) and relevant legislation.

Yes. The Deed of Conditions/Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 are designed to make communal decisions easier to achieve and all Owners are required to contribute towards the management of the common areas.

We stand for a different approach

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