Newton have rebranded!

21st June 2023

You may have noticed some changes to our website and our social media pages, and that’s because Newton Property Management are delighted to announce that we have rebranded and had a little bit of a refresh!

We embarked on this journey almost 18 months ago, because we had an opportunity to change what you might consider what a traditional ‘factor’ or property management company might look like. It’s the same Newton, but with our new modern look and feel, with our customers continuing to be at the heart of what we do. We are delighted that we can finally share this with you today.

We’re the same, but we’ve always been a bit different…

As a company, Newton has always tried to differentiate itself from other ‘traditional’ factors or property management companies, this was Stephen O’Neill’s mission when he started the company back in 2001. He wanted to create a new, modern, dynamic property management company and put people and communities at the core of our decision making. And this approach and attitude has seen the company grow from 30 units to over 30,000 individual customers, making Newton the 4th largest company of its kind in the country to date.

This is the first time that we have officially ‘rebranded’ as a company, and we have used a mixture of illustrations which focus on our communities and the services that we provide for them. We have focused on using shapes and colours to bring this to life and we have developed new brand guidelines and a toolkit that aims to showcase what exactly Newton does as a business. Our new branding has flown through the business and is now embedded in everything we do, from our new signage to our customer facing literature and even our internal decoration in our 3 offices.

We have also revamped our ‘brand values’ to proactive actions. All of our team were already doing these things, but we have now captured them on paper, and we are delighted that our team were part of the process of finalising these values.

Even though we have rebranded, and things do look a little different, we feel like this is another steppingstone for us to continue to move forward and lead the way in the property management industry through our attitude and determination to break the mold. We want to work in partnership with all of our owners, contractors and developers in this industry and it’s our mission to play our part in helping our communities love the place they live.

We have changed, but we are still Newton.

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