Since the announcement by the UK government ordering a lock down on all non-essential activities, we have received correspondence from some grounds maintenance and cleaning companies.

Presently, these companies represent a small minority of the total contracted grounds maintenance and cleaning services for our customers.  The vast majority of suppliers are continuing as normal or on amended schedules.

Due to the recommended safe working distance edict from the government, some such suppliers have decided that it is not possible for them to continue their duties (partly due to travel arrangements for staff and availability of vehicles) and they have therefore closed their companies for the duration of the restrictions.

In such circumstances, we will clearly do everything possible to mitigate this by obtaining alternative trades, however where this is not possible due to the reduced supply of tradesmen, we would encourage all residents to take extra care when disposing of household waste items, particularly in internal communal areas, to ensure that these areas are kept as clean as possible.  Some grounds maintenance contractors have advised that they will catch up with works as soon as possible.

In situations where contractors do not attend, and there is no possibility of catch up works, there will be no charges levied.

We have also been receiving communication from customers regarding communal play parks.  The government has placed an order on local authorities to close their play parks, however the vast majority of play parks in developments managed by Newton are private.  These are in essence an extension of the household facilities and we have no authority to close these without the consent of the owners.  The advice from the government is to refrain from using facilities for the duration of the current edict as it may prove impossible to maintain the safe personal distance between unrelated families using these facilities.

Newton will continue to work as hard as possible on your behalf, with all the tools available to us in these challenging times and our property managers stand ready to help and give advice to our customers for the duration of this nationwide pandemic.

We are continuing as normal with all of our additional administrative and financial duties.



Following the latest UK and Scottish government edict, we can announce that with immediate effect, all of our key staff including property managers are home working.

Our cloud-based network and telephone system is designed to allow this flexibility.

Please bear in mind that certain trades contracted to homeowners will likely be affected by government edict more than others.

Regular trades such as cleaners and some gardeners who are in regular contact with customers may choose to temporarily suspend or amend operations.

This situation is a matter for the employer concerned and we will work diligently to try to mitigate any temporary reduction in service, in particular with regard to waste services.

Customers who unfortunately experience a reduction from these trades are encouraged, where possible, to make personal arrangements to ensure that common areas are kept clean and tidy.

Newton will continue to provide administrative management support to our customers.



Newton are following official Government and NHS advice to minimise the number of employees in our workplace.  The vast majority of our staff are now working from home until further notice and are using remote software and phone systems.

Customers and suppliers can continue to contact us by email or by telephone, however for the time being it would greatly assist us if those who are able to, prioritise email contact with us.

Our Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow offices are closed to the public until further notice.  We would encourage all customers to avoid visiting public places until the current health emergency has passed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and wish all of our customers, and their loved ones, well at this difficult time.